Blindead – Affliction XXIX II MXMVI

Polish band Blindead, as I’m reading over the attached info sleeve, started releasing albums almost five years ago. This is their third album. Actually, they began as a side project by Michal Zimorski and Mateusz “Havoc” Smierzchalski (ex Behemoth), however, over the course of time, many more things appeared. I’m also reading that the band is supposed to play Progressive Metal, with some additional elements… Vocals are beastly, something clean is emerging in the background, guitars are filthy and blasting and the snare drum… well, one must get used to it… The band though; they seem to own something different. They seem to possess that very depressing thing that can fill you with joy.
The album is conceptual and it actually narrates the story of an autistic girl, hence the title (Affliction 29-2-2016 – or is it 1996? 2009 maybe?), which is about the story, which you can read over the twenty-page booklet, along with the CD, to understand what lies beneath the notes.

Well this music is totally lost in space! Huge intermissions, plenty of FX and more intermissions, featuring a smashing guitar, balancing between delay and overdrive loops; keyboards make some sickening background and the voice is screaming, also cover in FX. These seven songs last 46 minutes and the band is experimenting. For instance, you’ll get to listen to a tremendous tempo over “So it feels like misunderstanding when”, which is being followed by a Pink Floyd-ical passage; then the howling is back…

It’s hard to comprehend, it’s definitely demanding… Friends of Prog Core ae welcome to try to listen a bit… Opeth fans as well…