Blood Incantation – Hidden History Of The Human Race


The truth is that there’s been quite a fuss in the underground for Blood Incantation and their new album. I can’t say that I agree with that after the time I spent listening to it. The quartet from USA released their second full-length after “Starspawn” of 2016, with one split, one EP, one live album and three demos completing their discography so far.

Their style is death metal, as it seems from the logo that looks like a bunch of firewood stuck together. Lyrically they are clearly influenced by space as the cover art suggests. Four compositions are in here, with many experimentations, that last thirty-six minutes. The opener “Slave Species Of The Gods” doesn’t have to be analyzed, as it is a pure old-school death metal track the American way. The second one “The Giza Power Plant” follows an approach similar to Nile, as there are many middle-eastern melodies and some spoken words. The next one, “Inner Paths (To Outer Space)” is instrumental and it may last only five minutes, but it was quite boring. Experimental with some disharmonies on the guitars.

So far, so good (or maybe not), but Blood Incantation love long songs. The last one “Awakening From The Dream Of Existence To The Multidimensional Nature Of Our Reality (Mirror Of The Soul)” it seemed like it would never end, the same feeling you get by reading the title. It lasts eighteen minutes, like all the other three combined. At first, it sounds like the opener, followed by some weird noises for variety (I guess), it continues with old-school blasting with changes to the rhythm and before the end a doom tempo takes over with melodic guitars and acoustic touches.

So, this is a quite experimental work, as Blood Incantation are based on death metal but they want to expand their horizons by trying a different approach. Maybe they’ve done the same to their debut album, but I haven’t listened to it to have an opinion. Good for them, but I can’t say that I liked it.