The Swiss band released its second album and I have to say that things seem to be going very well for Blood Runs Deep. “Into The Void” could be Katatonia’s or Tiamat’s release, ten years ago.

Being influenced from Paradise Lost, Type O Negative and other famous bands of this kind, Blood Runs Deep present a decent enough project, well made in terms of composition as well as in terms of production.
Their music, apart from its atmospheric and at the same time dark feeling, has some extra elements which are necessary for the development of the kind. The sound of the guitars has melodic and sharp riffs, which combined with the crystal clear vocals (reminded me of Alice Cooper several times) give a clearly different result from the so-called modern gothic / death metal which in the last few years has begun to be less popular.
“Into The Void” is a big step and development for Blood Runs Deep in the difficult path that they took a few years ago and it’s worth purchasing.