Blood Star – First Sighting


2023 is definitely a big year for NWOTHM as we have a flurry of notable releases from bands like Enforcer, Night Demon, Air Raid etc. However, in my personal opinion, the ones who are stealing the show so far are the Americans Blood Star who offer us their first full-length album, spreading excitement to fans of the genre…and not only! To tell you the truth, I hadn’t got my hands on the 7″ they released 3 years ago, so “First Sighting” was my first contact with Blood Star.

The debut album of the Americans has a duration of almost 32 minutes and this is only a good sign since in this relatively short time they manage to present 8 incredible compositions characterized by an organic production and fantastic, catchy melodies. Madeline Smith’s eerie vocals combined with Jamison Palmer’s vocals offer a balanced result that captivates you. With one foot in the late 70s and the other in the 21st century and NWOTHM, Blood Star not only make an impression but lay a solid foundation for a long run in the industry. Personally, I think it’s only a matter of time before they sign with a bigger label.

All in all, “First Sighting” appeals to fans of Night Demon, Visigoth (understandable, since Palmer is also a member of Visigoth) and Tanith (not only because of the female vocals but also of an underlying influence from classic rock and bands like Blue Oyster Cult). Buy the album without any second thought…you’re gonna love it!

Highlight: Fantastic and absolutely fitting cover!