Blood Thirsty Demons hails from Italy and has released “Let The War Begin” in 2005. I really can’t understand the reason why a bad album like this one should be re-released.
In the beginning the combination of thrash metal riffs with horror keyboards sounds interesting. Unfortunately it’s not interesting enough after a little while. When the vocals make their appearance the whole thing becomes terrible. Music gets slower and some nice Black Babbath-stlyled doom riffs replace the indifferent thrashy guitars. It’s impossible how the only good thing about this album gets really fucked up by the dreadful vocal delivery. The whole thing confuses you badly so in the end you don’t pay attention to anything; even a few nice passages go unnoticed. Besides that the guitars parts sound similar and boring. Well, by the time you think you’ve heard it all and you just don’t like it, a Black Sabbath medley comes out of the blue as a bonus…Oh my God, I swear these laughable renditions just finished me off. If I were Tonny Iomi and knew about this medley I would have taken them to court for ruining the songs and for causing the listener emotional distress.