Bloodbound – Unholy Cross

The band from Sweden made a statement last January, regarding their signing-up with AFM. We were simply awaiting the “Tabula Rasa” successor, knowing that they had acquired a new bassist lately, whilst the singer has changed as well.
The first song bursts out (Moria), and you can easily understand that the band continues honoring their Power Metal elements, only now the voice is even more melodic, the voice is warmer; actually it’s a beautiful voice, binding with the group’s music, which has become sweeter and more German. Patrik “Pata” Johansson (Dawn of Silence) surely is a splendid choice. When visiting their official website, you will read about the new singer that he’s a mixture of “Dickinson and Tobias Sammet”, which is entirely true.
Production is crystal, we knew it would be that way, judging from the previous album. Guitars are big, drums are huge and choruses walk the hymnal path, i.e. “In the dead of the night”. Title track, “Unholy Cross” is the last one of the album, featuring a thunderous riff, high freq vocals and artistic double bass drumming. Quite a choir vox gathering over the chorus, following an epic bridge.
Mark Wilkinson (Maiden, Priest) is the cover artist, a cover that, according to the band themselves, is represents their own rebirth.