Captain Poon’s band, Bloodlights is back for its fourth album, where they seem to find their identity.

This release marks ten years since their self-titled debut and the distance that this guys have gone is pretty obvious. They have matured, they write better songs and play better music. For those of you who don’t know what we are talking about this is pure classic Scandinavian rawk, where the Captain was one of the flag bearers back in the rough seas of the ‘90s.

“Pulling No Punches” impresses right from the start with its consistency and quality throughout its ten songs that you can listen from beginning to end and all over again. The songs that I think stand out are Kick It Up”, “Lights Out”, “Static Pulse” and “Bury My Head”. The production is impeccable and that shouldn’t be a surprise since Nicke Andersson is involved! Of course if the songs are not good in the first place you won’t pay attention to anything.

The most positive thing is that the band keeps getting better and better in every aspect creating higher expectations and demands from the fans of the genre. Well done boys!