Have you got all the albums of Blue Oyster Cult? I guess not…! Ok, they are not all the same; however this band has never released a worthless album. Do you have the albums only on vinyl, left out in a dusty place? Without taking into account the annoying process of picking up the LP, turn it over, put it back, clean it again…

This box is one of the very few purchasing opportunities, combining an ideal and value for money pack, considering its price and the offered big quantity. Sony decided to release the entire discography of Blue Oyster Cult, which were under the label of Columbia and are dated back to 1972 (with their self-titled debut album) until 1988 (Imaginos). Actually, we are talking about all their studio and live albums, with the exception of their last two. (1998 and 2001)

There are sixteen cd in an equal number of cardboard sleeve covers, some of which are gatefold with the original covers. Regarding the two additional cd (I guess you have been confused counting?), the first one, entitled “The Best Of The Broadcasts” includes 13 tracks, exactly as the title says. The second, entitled “Rarities”, includes 19 rare studio and live performances, as well as some unreleased songs of these American legends.

The cd case of “Some Enchanted Evening” (the second live album of the band released in 1978) also includes the DVD, released in 2007, with the performance of the band in Largo, Maryland in September 1978, a concert every fan of Blue Oyster Cult should have.

This box comes with a 40-page booklet containing the credits of the included albums, as well as photos. As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, it is a value for money release, provided that the price is a very important purchasing factor in our days. In my opinion, the 50 euros someone has to spend for it, is next to nothing considering the great musical legacy of Blue Oyster Cult!