It’s not a coincidence that Sweden exports so many great bands from all kinds of hard music. You know that. Bomber are not the exception to the rule.

Balancing between old, classic, retro and modern their pick of influences and styles is to the point and they manage to create something that what lacks in originality is replaced by their freshness, energy, passion, attitude and quality in an album that will not go under any tag, except from the one that reads “rock’n’roll”. The guitars might remind you of early Def Leppard, some melodies may sound like The Night Flight Orchestra, the vocals may bring in mind the mighty Heavy Load and some choruses may even nod to Queen… just to have an idea of what a wonderful mess we have here. Still, there are several other stuff that you listen to and try to think what they sound like.

But, it’s not the point to try to find similarities in songs, or even bands. In the many years that rock and metal are around it’s natural for stuff to sound and look alike. I’d say it’s inevitable not to find similarities. You understand that. However, the most important thing is to avoid copying from one another, that’s not fair, cool, or even artistically correct. In Bomber’s case we have a great band that dives into the spring and collects what it needs to make its own recipe; they are based in their heritage, but they are not satisfied with what’s there, they strive to create something new, something that they can call their own. That’s what we want from the new bands.

If only we could see them live…