Bon Jovi – Burning Bridges


When the word went out that the new Bon Jovi album will be called “Burning Bridges” there were many fans who thought that this was a snipe at the former guitarist Richie Sambora who left unexpectedly in 2013. However, when the album was released and upon listening to the title track, it was plain obvious that the lyrics referred to the band’s label and the end of a 32-year common route in the music business. And if we listen closely to the way that Jon Bon Jovi utters the lyrics “this is the last song that you will sell” on the title track, then we can only guess that the…divorce was not friendly at all.

Let’s talk about the songs on the album now…“Burning Bridges” is essentially a collection of unreleased songs or not finished cuts from the last few albums of the band. One can easily gather that this is not a good omen for a new record. Out of the 10 “new” songs, there are 3+1 really remarkable moments while the majority of the tunes can be described as mediocre, dull and weak (as it happens quite often in the last 2-3 Bon Jovi albums actually…).

The first couple of singles that were released in July are actually the standout moments of “Burning Bridges”. I am talking about “Saturday Night Gave Me Sunday Morning” (a leftout song from “The Circle” sessions) and “We Don’t Run” (a new song written specifically for “Burning Bridges”). Quite honestly, the latter one will bring joy to the longtime fans of the band as it is a hard rock song and hopefully an indication of where the band is heading with the next album (coming in spring of 2016). “I’m Your Man” is another good tune that actually pays tribute to The Rolling Stones while the opening “A Teardrop To The Sea” is also qualitative and worthy of mention.

Until the next album, we keep from “Burning Bridges” the four aforementioned songs and we can only hope that the next album will be rockier and more in the vein of “We Don’t Run”.

Highlight: “A Teardrop To The Sea” and “Life Is Beautiful” feature quite similar introductions…