The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame has officially announced next year’s inductees: BON JOVI, DIRE STRAITS, THE MOODY BLUES, THE CARS and Nina Simone will all join the class of 2018. Sister Rosetta Tharpe will be given an Early Influence award.

Passed over were British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST, who have been eligible since 1999 but were only nominated for the first time this year. Jon Bon Jovi was askwed whether Richie Sambora and Alec Joh Such would be part of the celebration:
Jon: Y’know, I had always envisioned my inviting Al because he believed in me when I just had “Runaway” on the radio in 1983 and put this thing together. I asked the guys to help me out for a couple of weeks so I could continue to build my name and take advantage of the success of “Runaway.” Alec said “of course” and he’s the one that introduced me to Richie and ultimately to Tico (Torres), so I always envisioned inviting him to this and absolutely will fulfill that. And Richie, the same thing. The same invite will be extended to him. I appreciate everything he did. He was my right hand for a long time, so there was never ill will, just like I told everybody. (He) just didn’t’ show up anymore. We went on, but he was there for three decades and he should be there to celebrate the moment. So he’ll be invited to join the rest of the band in all of the festivities”.