The clock showed 8:25pm and everything began!The band was on stage.The first notes of “The house is not for sale” rushed through the speakers and the party had just begun!



It was evident that Jon was having the time of his life on stage and the crowd loved every minute of it. The fans welcomed Tico & Bryan with open arms and a huge roar while Phil X was very good and looked like he was enjoying it on stage. The sound was excellent and the setlist pleased both old & new Jovi fans. Highlights of the concert were definitely “Lay your hands on me” & “Bad medicine”. We should point down the impressive atmosphere during the only ballad of the night (“Scars on this guitar”) with the crowd lighting up their cigarette lighters & the flash from their cell phones thus creating a unique sight! Even Jon almost cried upon witnessing this wonderful moment. The party lasted for 2,5 hours and our love for this band is everlasting! P.S. So I thank my lucky stars for every crack, scratch and scar on this guitar- JBJ

Kostas Goulas

Set List: This House Is Not for Sale, Knockout, You Give Love a Bad Name, Lost Highway, Whole Lot of Leavin’, Roller Coaster, We Weren’t Born to Follow, I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead, We Got It Goin’ On, Who Says You Can’t Go Home, It’s My Life, We Don’t Run, God Bless This Mess, Scars on This Guitar, The Devil’s in the Temple, Lay Your Hands on Me, Born to Be My Baby, Have a Nice Day, Bad Medicine, Keep the Faith

Encore: Living with the Ghost, Because We Can, Wanted Dead or Alive, Livin’ on a Prayer