Bon Jovi – What About Now


I have heard far too many negative comments about this album…the vast majority of the reviews were disheartening while some good friends of mine who had the privilege of listening to the album before me were less than thrilled. In addition, most magazines, as if they were on a competition of which one will post first the review, seemed not willing at all to give the album a second spin. On the other hand, I chose not to rush into any conclusion without listening beforehand to the album many times. After all, this is Bon Jovi we are talking about!

Having read the above, one might think that I am gonna do a rave review of “What About Now”. Not really. This album does not reach the qualitative level of the band’s glory days. This is an undeniable fact. But if someone expects from Bon Jovi to come again with another “Slippery…” or “Faith” then he must be living in another planet or galaxy. So, let’s be clear on the new album: In my humble opinion, “What About Now” is far better than Jovi’s two previous studio offerings (“The Circle”, “Lost Highway”). It includes 4 really good songs (like “I’m With You”, “Army of One”, “That’s What The Water Made Me”) and three quite respectable ones. On the other hand, it contains 5 really bad and uninspired compositions (all the ballads are weak and soppy) while Shanks’ production is really awful leaving the guitars and the drums far too distant in the mix and not leaving room for the keyboards.

If you compare “What About Now” to all the Bon Jovi albums up until 2005, then you are definitely gonna ditch it. Nevertheless, it’s simply an OK album without giving you chills down your spine. Again…that’s my opinion of “What About Now”.

Highlight: The deluxe edition includes 4 bonus tracks. The two of which are written by Jon Bon Jovi and are cued from a soundtrack…quite dreadful songs, I must add. “Every Road Leads Home To You”, the single from Richie Sambora’s recent solo album, is included here (don’t ask me why this song is included here…I really don’t know). The fourth song is called “With These Two Hands” and it is really good. I enjoyed it wholeheartedly.