Bonfire – Cry 4 Help

Cry 4 Help Bonfire
Cry 4 Help
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I am a fan of Bonfire and I highly respect the compositional level of the majority of their albums but mainly I respect the band’s constant presence in the overall rock scene against the odds. The truth is that many rock fans had stopped following Bonfire’s career in the last few years but if one takes the time and listens to their last couple of records, he will immediately realize that Bonfire continues to create some really beautiful tunes.

Having said that, I cannot support or offer sanctuary to every business move they make. “Cry For Help” is a 6-track EP that if you take aside its charity cause (out of the 10 Euros that costs the c.d., 1 Euro goes to the PETA organization for the animal protection), I don’t really know why someone should buy this album as it doesn’t have much to offer. Specifically, there are 3 different versions of the song “Cry For Help”, 2 live renditions of “You Make Me Feel” and “Just Follow The Rainbow” and an indifferent version of “I Need You”…meaning, that there isn’t a single initiative in sight so as to invest on this one.
Highlight: I am sure that Bonfire is the only band that honors the legacy of the legendary Scorpions…