German rockers Bonfire have checked in with an update on the band’s lineup. A band statement follows:
Because of the sudden departure and separation from David Reece after two very successful charting CDs, Glorious (2015) and Pearls (2016), the place of the lead vocalist and frontman of Bonfire became vacant. Originally Bonfire found a new shouter in Michael Bormann, however, prior obligations kept him from starting his duties with Bonfire until mid-October, 2016. A so-called “transition singer”, Alexx Stahl (Master Of Disguise, Roxxcalibur) spontaneously offered his help so Bonfire were able to play the agreed 16 summer events. Alexx StahlL uses this time and concerts in order to sing himself into the hearts of the fans and the band members. That he is a great musician, Bonfire knew, but that it would also function as human friendly and makes so much fun to work with him to act and to travel, that was already a pleasant surprise. Alexx is a real gentleman! Therefore, the musicians around band founder Hans Ziller decided to undertake Alexx permanently as the new Bonfire singer. Our big thank you goes to Michael Bormann – who is certainly an absolutly exceptional singer, and this he has been proved for years in various projects – for his willingness to enter into Bonfire and also for his understanding to our final decision and wish him for his future musical path only the very best. And we all mean that honestly!!