Brant Bjork – Tao Of The Evil


Honorable Mr. Brant Bjork is coming back with “Tao of the Devil”, calling us to dive in the endless view of its front cover. The desert welcomes us with “The Gree-Heen” and its riffs urge us to walk the road of “Humble Pie” and “Stackt”, where the melodies of the former, as well as the solid bass of the latter keep us company, while the (slightly) skynyrd-ish “Luvin” and “Biker No.2” will bring a classic rock breeze to our face. And if we momentarily forget where we are, not only the opening riff, but also the bridge of the 9-minute long “Dave’s war” will certainly more than help us remember our whereabouts. The homonymous “Tao of the Devil” will just surround the atmosphere with a blues-y veil, which probably expresses our melancholy, since we’ll have to wave goodbye to the desert once more. To sum up, it is true, that an album enclosing good music, which belongs to a specific music genre, deserves our curiosity. But an album containing music, which flirts and “dances” with two or more of them, especially in a wonderfully subtle manner, definitely deserves our attention too.