Brian May will re-release his debut album, “Back To The Light”


Brian May announced the reissue of his first solo album, “Back To The Light”, which was released in September 1992.

The album reached No.6 in the British charts and two of its singles, “Too Much Love Will Kill You” and “Driven By You” reached No. 5 and 6 respectively.

Note that Brian sung and played guitar, keyboards, bass… actually anything that you can hear on its eleven songs.

The reissues of the album features and extra disc worth of material, “Out Of The Light”, which features alternative takes and live recorded songs from the tour of the album with Cozy Powel joining on drums, Neil Murray on guitar, Spike Edney on keyboards, Jamie Moses on guitar and vocals and Cathy Porter and Shelley Preston on backing vocals.

The album will be available as an 180 gr. LP, single CD, double CD, cassette and digital, while the extra material will be included in the boxset, the double CD and the digital release. Finally, a strictly limited picture disc will be available exclusively on Queen’s online shop.

“Back To The Light” track listing:

01. The Dark (May)
02. Back To The Light (May)
03. Love Token (May)
04. Resurrection (Words: May. Music: May, Powell, Page)

05. Too Much Love Will Kill You (May, Musker, Lamers)
06. Driven By You (May)
07. Nothin’ But Blue (Words: May. Music: May, Powell)
08. I’m Scared (May)
09. Last Horizon (May)
10. Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (May)
11. Just One Life (May)
12. Rollin’ Over (May)

“Out Of The Light” track listing:

01. Nothin’ But Blue – Guitar Version (May, Powell, Makin, Nicholls)
02. Too Much Love Will Kill You – Guitar Version (May, Musker, Lamers)
03. Just One Life – Guitar Version (May)
04. Driven By You Two (May)
05. Driven By You – Ford Ad Version (May)
06. Tie Your Mother Down (Featuring Slash) (May) (Live on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, 5th April 1993)
07. Too Much Love Will Kill You (May) (Live at the Palace Theatre, Los Angeles, 6th April 1993)
08. ’39 / Let Your Heart Rule Your Head (May) (Live at the Brixton Academy, 15th June 1993)
09. Last Horizon (May) (Live at the Brixton Academy, 15th June 1993)
10. We Will Rock You (May) (Live at the Brixton Academy 15 June 1993)
11. Driven By You – Cozy and Neil Version ’93 (May)