British Lion – The Burning


British Lion strikes back after almost 6 years since their debut offering that has gathered mixed reviews mainly due to Richard Taylor’s “weak” vocals. If that was the case or not, it’s open to debate but let me tell you that this time around the British Lion frontman seems really self-confident and I must assure you that he’s really improved behind the mic. In addition, everything projects a general improved picture thus we can easily say that “The Burning” is definitely a better album compared to its predecessor. Let’s check out some details…

For starters, the compositions themselves are well crafted (something that it is to be expected since Steve Harris is the man that call the final shots) and memorable. Naturally, the 70s influences are still present although I have to say that the album kinda reminded me of the MSG atmosphere of the 1996-2003 period (especially, the MSG album “Arachnophobiac”…maybe it has to do with the similar vocal style…I don’t know). The production is great while from a lyrical standpoint there are many messages that are worth taking notice at.

Standout moments definitely include the guitars on the opening song “City Of Fallen Angels”, the flawless structure of “Last Chance”, the melodies of “Spit Fire”, the lyrics of the best cut on the record –at least for this journalist- “Land Of The Perfect People” and the ideal closing with the slow-paced “Native Son”.

“The Burning” is a classic rock album and that is how everyone should approach it without expecting any metal outbursts due to Harris’ imposing figure. Check it out then…
Highlight: How relevant are the lyrics of “Land Of The Perfect People”…especially in this time and age where the social media rule the world and sometimes a few people still are left alone and…unique!