Former KISS and current GRAND FUNK RAILROAD guitarist Bruce Kulick recently spoke with Rock Titan. An excerpt follows:
On KISS’s upcoming farewell tour:
Bruce: “I kind of knew that they were gearing up to that about a year ago. I still don’t really know any particulars. I know they’re going to put together a terrific show, [but] beyond that, I don’t know. I know a lot of fans are talking about, ‘Oh, they should have some former members appear.’ I know Paul [Stanley] was asked that, [and] he handled it like he doesn’t know if he wants to or will do that. Either way, I’m very supportive. I think it is important for them, if they realized they want to go out big, to get it out there. I think that they mean it, by the way, in the sense of a real ‘touring’ touring. I know with a band, it’s very easy to do a one-off whatever afterwards, or suddenly, you might decide to do a residency, because that’s not really going on tour. I don’t know, and I can’t fault them ever if you want to do something and you get the offer and you commit and the people support it and enjoy it… I wish them the best, and obviously, if there’s ever an opportunity where they did want to pay a little tribute to any of the other eras, they know I’d be there. I’d love to be there for that. We’ll see what happens.”