They could easily be regarded as the Motley Crue of today! If only the time, the circumstances and mainly the music industry would allowed it, Buckcherry would surely have achieved far more things commercially and popularity wise. Musically speaking they have nothing to be jealous of Crue…that’s for sure. Having recently met Josh Todd, his overall lifestyle and general attitude is quite similar to the one that Nikki Sixx displays through the years.

The truth is that the music industry is not keen on having yet another Motley Crue, Stones, Sabbath, Maiden, Metallica and in general huge bands that will have to pay for in a 40-year horizon! This is something that we should always take into consideration every time we utter the phrase: “there are no more huge bands, nowadays”.

“Confessions” is yet another step forward and upward for Buckcherry. From a compositional point of vie, it might be their best album. Todd referred to it as a concept album…maybe it is, after all, he knows better, right? In there, one can fine everything he expects from an American dirty rock n’ roll band! It’s a record with a great variety and a balanced type of songs thus making the whole listening a pure pleasure. The main characteristic of “Confessions” is the fact that it includes sleazy melodies tied perfectly in with the dirty guitar riffs!

“Confessions” is an album destined to release many singles (Buckcherry is specialized on this department) and this says it all: Buckcherry is a top rock n’ roll band! You must see most definitely the video clip for “Gluttony” (the first single)…it will knock you out for its unbelievable yet extreme concept.