Bullet – Highway Pirates

Self-assurance is a great feeling! Apart from lifting your moral, it creates the sense of right…In the Swedes case self-assurance has to do with another good album. But, you knew that already… just when you read the news that Bullet are going to release an album, from that moment you know that it’s going to be a killer… with this style, this playing, the sound, and their influences they must try pretty hard to release something bad. If you are not familiar with what Bullet are all about think of Judas Priest, meeting Accept and AC/DC… is there a better combination than that?

Hell Hoffer’s (what a name!) voice is ripping, while Hampus Klang, and Alstrom on guitars combine metal riffs with rockier solos ideally. This is an album that you listen to from start to finish, and when it’s over you wish your player starts all over again so you don’t have to stop dancing around to play it again yourself.

“Highway Pirates” was made for beers, parties, and loud volume. Honestly, don’t expect me to point out any tracks on an album that kept my head busy banging! If you don’t believe me do the test!