Bullet – Dust To Gold


I remember the first time I ever listened to Bullet and became a fan instantly! Their no-bullshit riffs and Hell Hoffer’s screams were enough to make me worship them. On this one, like the true masters of raw, fast and furious rock’n’roll deliver another monument of greatness.

This is a typical case of a bad that does the same on every album, only this time the same is better! There is no logical explanation. Obviously, their inspiration led them to the best album of their caeer until the next one. The funny thing is that listening to the album and realizing that Bullet do nothing different than before I remembered older epic statements by… Manowar! You know, when they used to say on interviews “our next album is going to be the best and everyone will try and copy it” and when they were asked what they were going to do differently they’d reply “nothing, it’s going to be just like every album we’ve released”. That’s what the Swedes did here.

They invented riffs that take no prisoners, songs that kick ass and they stuck the foot to the floor throughout the album. Actually, the opening track “Speed, Attack” says it all: ferocious speed and an unstoppable attack on every song that is a party anthem. Just add the beers and enjoy! It’s that simple! Just give a listen to “Fuel The Fire”, “Screams In The Night” and “Forever Wild” and you will be convinced.