Bullet For My Valentine @ Piraeus 117 Academy


It’s always good to watch a band at the top of its game. Maybe the feeling that gives you an older band with its music with which you might have grown up with is absent, but watching a young and established band gives you the reward that the music you loved is still here and it’s represented by worthy followers.


That’s what Bullet For My Valentine are today and they proved it with the best way possible on Friday night at Piraeus 117 Academy.

Project Renegade, one of the brightest hopes of the Greek metal scene, came up on stage before them for 45 minutes. The foursome managed to win the attention and the applause of the audience that were in front of the stage at that time with a great performance. Musically, they bring in mind Lacuna Coil, being very relevant with the Italian band mostly at the composition part, something which is very positive. What made me keep my eyes on them all the time was their performance, which was amazing. With their military dress code and the drummer’s tear gas mask (maybe he was overdoing it with his moves) and with lead singer Marianna not leaving one inch of the floor unexplored and with sky high energy Project Renegade left a lot of promises for the future.

projectrenegade 001

The Welsh grabbed the bull by the horns from the first second they set foot on stage. The word “bulldozer” may be too little to describe their performance. With their amazing album “Gravity” and a mostly young passionate audience under their feet what they left behind them was ruins after 75 minutes. Surely, “Not Dead Yet” from the last album was missing, but “Scream Aim Fire” and “Peace Of Me” were some of the highlights that made the crowd go berserk. Apart from their energy and the great chemistry among them, another key element for their great performance was Tuck and Paget exchanging lead vocals in an awesome show for the band and everyone of them separately. This was a gig that personally made me forget their first one, which took place in Athens on June 2010 with the Big4, although they managed to make me feel very excited, even though the sun was still up that afternoon.

bulletformyvalentine 001

Setlist: Don’t Need You, Over It, Your Betrayal, 4Words (To Choke Upon), Worthless, The Last Fight, Letting You Go, drum solo, Scream Aim Fire, Piece Of Me, No Way Out, Suffocating Under Words Of Sorrow (What Can I Do), You Want A Battle? (Here’s A War), Tears Don’t Fall, Walking The Demon

Dimitris Kazantzis

Photos: Afroditi Zagana

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