The gods of metal conspiredin our favour and we will have the unbelievable fortune to finally check out this rock’n’roll armada for the first and certainly not the last time.

Given this, “Live” is an appetizer with the Swedes pushing the pedal to the metal and launching their full on attack with a best of the best setlist. The muscular Accept meets AC / DC riffs drive this ultimate party to the brings hell with Hell Hoffer and others at the steering wheel. The crowd goes berserk on every electric discharge and these five guys reach god status.

Even “Highway Of Love” that I consider to be the weakest song in the set shows its teeth played live enriched with an epic sing-along and justifies his presence next to hymns such as “Dust To Gold”, “Fuel the Fire”, ” Hammer Down “,” Bite The Bullet “.

Bullet is the quintessence of rock’n’roll in 2019, a genuine offspring of a golden generation that has given us masterpieces and established our favorite music and all its sub genres. They have never claimed originality laurels since all they care about is us having a good time with their music. They even opened their own bar in their hometown, Växjö, recently making it an indispensable destination for any rocker who respects himself. Until then, we will be enjoying their first appearance in our country at Crow.