Bullet – Storm Of Blades


I have no problem with bands that show you their influneces and stay faithful ton their style without going off their path. They might never be the next AC/DC, or Motorhead, but they’ll never going to let you down with what they do.

So, listening to “Storm Of Blades”, Bullet’s fifth album I couldn’t have enjoyed more their familiar style of Accept meets Priest meets AC/DC, with Hell Hofer’s trademark grainy scream and Hampus Klang/ Alexander Lyrbo dual guitar attack. Every song here is a rock’n’roll anthem drenched in alcohol, sex and burned rubber. The album’s opener “Uprising” is like closing the door of a race car before putting the pedal to the metal! “Storm Of Blades” moves with great speed and those two guitars kick ass as a great songs comes another great song… “Riding High”, “Tornado”, “Hammer Down”, “This One’s For You”, and the rest.
Except from the obvious and expected influences that we mentioned before there is also a W.A.S.P. reference on “Crossfire” which slows down with the much needed rattling sounds that send us on a trip to a far deserted land where we might even see Blackie riding his bike in the distance. This is the only point where you can hear a slower tempo within the 40 minutes of the album’s material in order to… cool the engine a bit before the finale with “Run With The Hunted”, and “Coming In Loud”.
Honest, catchy and up-lifting I can’t see why any hard rock/metal fan could possibly be disappointed by this one, because the band’s followers love it already!