According to guitarist and leader of Burning Starr, Jack Starr, the band’s new studio album “Stand Your Ground” is almost ready, while in two weeks the mixing process will begin. “6 more lead guitar tracks to go and then we are done with my part of the Stand Your Ground album and effectively we are done with the recording part of our new album , The next part will be the mixing and mastering . This album is really coming out great and I sincerely believe that it will be the best Burning Starr album yet, yesterday Ned Meloni told me that the lead guitar work on this album is the best I have ever done, I hope this is true but I do know that the drumming by Kenny Rhino Earl the vocals by Todd Michael Hall and the bass playing by Ned Meloni is the best I have heard from them , 2 more weeks and then and then it goes down the assembly line to the capable hands of Bart Gabriel. PS we got one more done today, now there are five left YAY”.