Burning Starr – Stand Your Ground


Jack Starr’s Burning Starr return with a dynamite album with the self-descriptive title “Stand Your Ground”.

Surely, the expectations were high because of the two great releases of “Land Of The Dead” (2011) and “Defiance” (2009). Personally, I would add to that the band’s blistering performance in Athens on September 2014. The band manages to live up to that the traditional way. What’s that? Great songs, flawless playing, great inspirations on guitars and a top heavy metal performer behind the mic, Todd Michael Hall. “Stand Your Ground” is a dense and intense heavy metal album with well-crafted compositions, great production and a wonderful cover painted by the master Ken Kelly, all that taking us back to glorious days of the past when our favourite music ruled.

Maestro Jack is in great shape with his endless arsenal of riffs. The start of “The Enemy” reminded me of Metallica… “Hero” brought in mind Cream’s “Crossroads”… on “The Sky Is Falling” you can listen to his guitar weep … while the absolute highlight is the title track. It’s a mini symphony with 3-4 changes in the melody, which begins demonically fast, goes to a mid-tempo gallop and concludes as an epic ballad. A song that Manowar would kill to have written.

In general, “Stand Your Ground” is a great album. The only flaw that I can think of is the duration in a couple of tracks that could have been shorter. But, apart from that it’s 10 out of 10 in every category and it’s a great purchase for your collection.