But We Try It – Dead Lights

I’m reading a bunch of comments, over the net, about the band from Wuppertal; that their name is naïve, that they sound “trendy”, this and that and all that crap… Naturally, I don’t care for such childish comments. Music is the issue here, not names. Some said they play thrash-core… What can I say… What I heard was Metal with filthy vocals. There is a lot of melody in their music, exceptional riffs, like in “The cult and the curse”, this is one fine melody. On the other hand, they speed up, they run like hell, they blast. Voice is evil and darkening, totally black’n’death. Not my mug of beer, yet their style is METAL! Just pay attention to what they’re playing. These choruses would be awesome; some clean vox pop out every now and then.

I’d dare suggesting they should try one or two songs with clean-cut voices; I truly believe the songs would sound amazingly that way. Their compositions are incredible, so many fine ideas…