PRESS RELEASE: Caelestia band is extremely proud to present the cover of its brand new single titled “Angel On Fire”. The single will contain two tracks; “Angel On Fire” on side A and “Agony” on side B. The single is going to be officially released on April 12th at (Rise of Decay w/ Nightrage, Caelestia, Anthology, Evil Within). It will be available at the merch stand at Temple Club, in 7-inch vinyl format, and in 50 exclusively hand-numbered copies by the band.

Mixing and mastering of both tracks was completed by Dan Swano of Unisound AB Studios in Orebro, Sweden. This special artwork was completed by the one and only Manthos Stergiou of Manster Design. Hand made vinyl print by NuN Records in cooperation with EMP Label Group. Stay tuned for more exciting things in the following days…!