KISS drummer Eric Singer was a guest on Chris Jericho’s podcast Talk Is Jericho and was asked about the possibility of the band one day moving on without any original members, including Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons.
I know that people have talked about that,” Singer said. “I don’t really know what the real feelings of Gene and Paul… To segue into something like that, that’s the transition period would be what I don’t fully understand how they will find… Like, when is the time, or is there ever a time, or is that something that’s a viable thing to happen. I think if it’s done right, it could be.”
Singer went on to say, “Everyone has their own point of view of what they think makes sense or what would work on not. Some people think it wouldn’t work at all; other people think, ‘Yeah, sure. Why not?’ But if there’s a fanbase out there for it, obviously it’ll work. I think it’s how it’s done. If it’s done the right way, it’s a possibility that it could be something that could work. But I personally thought it would be best to just go and find four young new guys — like when they were young and started — that had this kind of energy and the right look and everything, it’s probably possible.”