Candlemass – The Door To Doom


How else could I start reviewing the twelfth work of the band bearing the heavy name Candlemass, rather than pointing out what most people already know. Joahan Langquist, the guest singer on the enormous “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus”, has returned and is now the official singer of the band that is the second to come to mind when you talk about Doom Metal. The expectations were big and in advance I dismissed the possibility of making any comparison with the debut of the Swedish. There have been 10 albums, changes of singers, 30 years, and a two-digit project number that Leif Edling has been working on (among others, my favorite Avatarium).

So, what we need to look at is whether the compositions can stand the size of the Candlemass name. Heavy riff, epic feeling, doomy atmosphere, melodic solo’s, all present! Does Johan’s return count? But of course! His voice remains in perfect condition, without being able to make the emblematic rendition of the past (when he had been in in the studio for three days). That’s because the songs are moving in more heavy / power forms as they have used us during the recent years. Whenever they lower the speed, acoustic parts are  the ones that touch and remind of the past. Like the introduction of “Under the Ocean” or the wonderful “Bridge of the blind”. There is not even a mediocre song on “The door to doom”. Of the eight tracks I have picked the “Astorolus-The Great Octopus” where Iommi’s participation with his solo is essential and adds another glamour to the track, the typical Candlemass “Death’s Wheel” and the melodic “Omega Circle” which could also appear on an Avatarium album.

There is no need to report on the band’s level of play and the production. High-level as always! When I finished listening to the album, however, I felt that it was not the huge comeback that we expected … Good album, but maybe the next one is the one that what will make us go crazy…

The sure thing is that on Saturday the 23 of November we will worship the live return of the band to our country.