Caravan Of Shadows Festival Vol II, PRESS CONFERENCE


An original and different festival makes its comeback after one year of absence and has the ambition to become an institution in the local music scene. Caravan Of Shadows will take place in Athens and I decided to attend the press conference where the promoters alongside with members of the bands talked to us in the very nice Bock Beer Restaurant.

Let’s begin with a few words about the idea behind the festival. It started in 2017, the first version took place in the island of Corfu and featured the Italians Temperance (melodic heavy metal) and Hell’s Guardian (melodic death metal), the Athenians The Silent Rage (power metal) and the locals Mind Erasure (black/death metal) and Harem (stoner rock). The purpose of this festival is to travel, as the name implies. To go from town to town, to support the local scene, to have bands with different musical styles, to bring bands from abroad and to have a common link between each version.

A difficult attempt of course, as the gigs outside the capital are few, but the guys who organize it want to change that and give people a special experience each time their caravan will play to a different town. As they told us, they intend the next ones to be held in Thessaloniki and Larissa. When I asked them what three cities they want definitely to visit, their answer showed clearly their desire: wherever they can. Also, if it’s possible, they want to organize more than one festival each year or make it for two consecutive days.

Let’s see some details about this year’s event. The date is the 13th of December, the place is Ilion Plus, the tickets are very cheap starting from 6€ (pre-sale) and going up to 8€ (box office). The bands that will participate are, in order of appearance, Grey Vs Gray (progressive/alternative rock), DeifieD (epic heavy metal), The Silent Rage (power metal) who are also the common link from the first one and Memorain (speed/thrash metal). It seems that there are different styles for different tastes.

Grey Vs Gray are a very interesting project that came to life recently, as they were founded in 2018. They have released two singles and more will follow that will form their first full-length album. A band different from the others that narrates stories from the start of time, building through them a post-apocalyptic world. What they try to do is very ambitious and unusual, as they will not be limited to the music, they will turn also to other forms of art such as literature and theater. We only have to wait and see how their thoughts and plans will unfold. Their first show ever will be in this festival.

DeifieD are also preparing to release their first full-length. They were founded in 2012 and have released so far the “Chaos, Blood And War” EP in 2015. But they managed to create a good name in the scene, they have given lots of live shows and this means that they have the experience to make the people who will attend to have a nice time.

As for The Silent Rage, they are also in preparation for the album that will succeed the debut “The Deadliest Scourge” that came out in 2016. With new members now in their line-up, they are about to release something that will make a lot of people to turn their…ears towards them. I’m saying that because I had the chance to listen to some new songs, still in pre-production phase, and something really good is coming this way. With big experience all these years (since 2006), it is sure that they know very well how to do their job on the stage.

As for the headliners, I don’t think that they need an introduction. They are active since 1999, they have released nine studio albums and are already thinking of the next one. They have composed the theme for the show TV War on Mad TV and many great musicians have played with them, either as guests or as permanent members. Some of them are James Murphy, Nick Menza, Jeff Waters, Tim “Ripper” Owens, Dave Ellefson, Steve DiGiorgio, Ralph Santolla, Gene Hoglan, Michael Gilbert and Blaze Bayley. Not bad at all for a band that has written its own history in the local music scene.

So, the next stop of the caravan is about to happen. It will be a night with good music and those that will choose to attend will not regret it. Also, when I asked them if there will be any collaboration on stage, they have thoughts of playing all together in the end for a majestic finale. One thing is for certain, that the guys behind it are pretty serious about it and will work a lot to make it an institution with many more stops.