Casablanca – Riding A Black Swan

I still remember the shock that I experienced a year and a half ago when I listened to Casablanca’s debut album…for starters, nothing can go wrong with such a band name; absolutely brilliant! The quintet’s virgin studio offering called “Apocalyptic Youth” has blown us away with its unbelievable, retro atmosphere that referred immediately to the late 70s and to such bands as Stones and Hanoi Rocks.

For all of you out there who failed to notice Casablanca back then, let me tell you that this is a Swedish group that features Ryan Roxie from The Alice Cooper Group in its ranks. Casablanca’s sophomore disc, “Riding A Black Swan” picks up exactly from where its predecessor stopped. With a refreshed mood and the inspiration reaching the peak, Casablanca deliver an equally impressive record that brings forth a breath of vinyl warmness and the crystal clarity of the CD. In addition, with songs like “Some Misty Morning” (the absolute anthem) and “Hail The Liberation” Casablanca flirts with the classic Alice Cooper sound and we absolutely love it!

I am not merely suggesting the purchase of “Riding A Black Swan” (an intriguing title, isn’t it?) but I strongly urge you to pay close attention to it! This is an album that you will enjoy for many years to come…

Highlight: The song “The Juggler” (from the band’s debut album) would have received major radio airplay if it was released in USA in 1979!