Cauldron – Burning Fortune

Tight jeans, back patches, leather or denim jackets, bullet belts (like Halford or Di’Anno), Saxon/Maiden/Scorpions/Manowar t’shirts, walkman with tapes including all the greatest hits of the time (most often recorded from various radio shows)…those were the 80s…a time when all the metal groups reigned and some of the most important albums of all time were first released (in vinyl format).
The Canadians Cauldron are on a mission to recreate the sound and the atmosphere of that era following down the same path with such groups as White Wizzard, Enforcer and other outfits of the so called NWOTHM (New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal) genre. “Burning Fortune” is a record targeted towards all those nostalgic metalheads who just can’t get enough of the 80s and they simply can’t find anything interesting or amusing in the next decades. That being told, the compositions are substantial, pure and riff-driven, the performance satisfactory and the production typically NOT following the new technological tools.

Like I did in the case of White Wizzard and Enforcer, I will do the same with Cauldron…I will recommend this album because the truth is that we need that kind of bands…after all, this is heavy metal we are talking about, right?

Highlight: “Miss You To Death”…a superb, catchy tune!