I often visit the net, to check reviews regarding albums I’ve also written about. Sometimes I agree with the others, sometimes I beg to differ, it’s only natural, and sometimes I get mad cuz I think that the person writing the text doesn’t have a clue! It’s only for a minute though, these peeps are simply stating their opinion and they should. For instance, I read about Cauldron and their brand new album and the reviewer says it’s a “90’s solid Metal Rock album”! 90’s? WOT? Can I shout at the top of my voice here? These boys, this very group, are the actual epitome of the bands baring the infamous 80’s legacy and there are real people contradicting this? Maaaan!  

The Canadians remain faithful to their code; they are back with their third full-length album. Playing Heavy Rock, based on those good times. They’ve got their riffology for it, they’ve got the enthusiasm, they lack the production thing… Jameson Elliott, the one who also did their previous, “Burning Fortune”, did not excite me with his work, I’d dare saying he achieved the complete opposite. Too much reverb on vocals, less volume on the guitars, even less volume on the drums… The boys’ music needed a much more powerful production.

“Fight for day” is a staccato Metal hymn, featuring a mighty riff and a cool melody and production made it sound just “nice”. May I ask why? It’s not the boys’ fault that they sound “just nice”. Yet I can hear the defense arguing. “But they must have listened to it a million times! Apparently that’s the sound they said they wanted”… I will give them that, they might be right. I’d like to tell you guys that you’re gonna love many of their songs; they’ve got some amazing melodies, they are so catchy. I just wish the band sounds a lot heavier on stage. Also, please welcome Mr. Myles Deck, new drummer for the band. Drums on the album were played by Chris Rites (Crystal Castles).