Cavalera Conspiracy – Blunt Force Trauma

I gave “Blunt Force Trauma” many chances and unfortunately the outcome is always the same. I can’t find one interesting song from the bunch. Unlike the good enough “Inflikted” the new opus from Max and Igor Cavalera is flat to the point that bores me.

There’s a plethora of riffs and groove but these alone are not enough to make a good album. The lack of inspiration is the main problem. I have accepted the hardcore influence and I know very well many people like it. The thing is that besides the Slayer-esque thrashy “Target” and “Rasputin” every other song bears the same disappointing resemblance.
For once again I give credit to Marc Rizzo. His guitar work and especially the leads are fantastic. He is indeed a very skilled guitarist.
The Sepultura fanatics will buy it anyway I assume so my advice goes to anyone else. Listen to it first.