I suppose that most of you out there are not familiar with Charlotte. After all, it was a well-kept secret only available to the underground hard rock community. Nevertheless, the American outfit left its mark on the legendary Sunset Boulevard and all the famous clubs in the mid to late 80s. But lady luck was not on their side thus their brilliant bunch of songs passed unnoticed…until today. Eonian Records offers us a full package consisting of 17 (!) songs that were recorded by Charlotte in between 1987-1992. I guess it goes without saying that this was the pinnacle of the hard rock genre in the States.

With a technically flawless performance in the studio, cool attitude and songs that reminded of 70s giants like Zeppelin and The Doors, it seemed that Charlotte was kinda out of place and time as glam and sleaze hard rock reigned supreme back then. So, the starting point was not ideal for those talented musicians and from my perspective that was also an additional reason that Charlotte never made it to the big stages as they never compromised their sound. However, a more careful and observant listener will definitely point down a few elements that remind of The Cult (“Sonic Temple” era).

Charlotte is a band that is definitely worthy of our attention as I truly believe that in our time and age their songs are like a…sonic oasis in a seemingly endless desert. You can buy the album here: www.eonianrecords.com

Highlight: Whisky A Go-Go was the club that Charlotte played at mostly during that period.