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PRESS RELEASE: When you shock the most famous shock jock on the planet, you know your performance went viral. Tyler Lawson roped in nearly 6 million views when he was with his band, CracKerman, on a daytime talk show in Las Vegas. The 3-piece punk/grunge band, named after an STP song, was an all-out assault that included guitar bashing, raw riffs and controversial lyrics.

Even though his antics landed him national attention on the Howard Stern Show, Lawson wanted more than video views. He dissolved CracKerman in 2017 to create a project where he could evolve his vocal and songwriting skills. He was ready to go all-in no matter the cost. In Vegas, they call that “Alligator Blood”. Lawson had already aligned himself with lead guitarist, Kristain Roloff, whom he met during a brief stint with the hard rock cover band, Smashing Alice. Their collaboration led to a library of new music that combines the energy of punk with a more polished, mature sound that includes hard rock, pop and even some industrial.

Completing he Alligator Blood lineup is former Prong drummer, Dan Laudo, who also worked with Mike Riggs in Scum of the Earth and had a brief band experience with Trent Reznor in high school. On bass is multi-instrumentalist, Angel Campbell, who stepped aside from her first love of drumming to take on a new challenge and lay down a different kind of rhythm.

The band’s debut album is due soon, meanwhile check out two videos they have uploaded in YouTube for “Done” and “Death Of A Heretic”