Check out the brand new German supergroup Hellryder


PRESS RELEASE: The new German Heavy Metal supergroup Hellryder have already announced the release of their debut full-length album “The Devil Is A Gambler” for May 28, 2021, today they come with a short teasing video snippet and a first impression of what they mean with DIRTY KICK ASS HEAVY METAL!

Packed with greats of the German Metal scene and with members of well-known bands like Grave Digger, Orden Ogan, Gregorian etc., these four hellish gentlemen are on their way to present something uniquely powerful, straightforward, metallically hard, diabolical and uncompromising … in short: Heavy Metal at its purest! All signs point to a true assault and not just only on record, plans of playing live are already being forged eagerly. So stay tuned: The ride through hell has only just begun!

Take a peek through the keyhole to hell … the Hellryder starts his engine for the first!
Watch the snippet on YouTube, here:

“The Devil Is A Gambler” is to be released worldwide via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records and will be available as:
• Digipack Audio CD
• Limited CD/T-Shirt Bundle
• Black Vinyl (limited to 150 copies) incl. signed A3 poster
• Transparent Yellow Vinyl (limited to 150 copies) incl. autograph card
• Orange/Red Splatter Vinyl (limited to 200 copies) incl. autograph card
• Digital download/stream

Pre-order “The Devil Is A Gambler” physically from here:

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Hellryder is:
Chris Boltendahl (Vocals)
Axel Ritt (Guitar)
Steven Wussow (Bass)
Timmi Breideband (Drums)

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