Cherri Bomb – This Is The End Of Control

It’s possible you’ve read some stuff about this band, which consists of four young ladies. So very young ladies… They are so young that even our age difference is older than them! As I read, it all started when an eleven year old guitar gal printed some flyers to find some chicas to create her own all-girl sonic vehicle. Three other girls made it through and there you go! You might be wondering how a bunch of school kids succeeded in playing at the Reading fest and Sonisphere; it would be a good move to ask their manager, drummer lady Samantha Maloney (Hole, Motley Crue and more), who must be credited with a large portion of the band’s success. As for the gals’ music, yep, you got that right, it’s a crazy American thing, completely binding with the motif of several American shows, something like a constant “Greek” soundtrack…

The voice is rough and spicy, reminds me of Avril a bit, which is totally understandable and normal, the girls are fine at what they do, their style is really cute and I happen to really like the songs. They’ve got nerve, they’ve got melody, one would love to sing along… No, you ain’t gonna be shocked, nuh, you’re not gonna be starstruck. However… you will request another listening session. You will say – or think at least – “Wow, the girls are really into it, they sound really good”… Three and four min long songs, pure fun. Music is the best form of fun, right?