Chickenfoot – III

The truth is that I wasn’t excited from this super-band’s debut. When you have a band consisted of Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony, Chad Smith and Sammy Hagar, you are expecting something as “super” as they are…

Well, I can’t say that this happens on their second album, although it’s their second it’s called “III”, but it very much better. You see, what really makes the diference, whether we are talking about a new, or an older band, is the songs. On this section it seems that these superstars did a better job than on their debut. The first two songs, “Last Temptation”, and “Alright Alright”, play the part of the first round in a boxing match, while the heavy punches are thrown from “Different Devil” and on… the specific song is a classic Hagar kind of song, mid-tempo that winks to Van Halen and Red Rocker’s solo career.

Also, another great one is the not-so-fast “Come Closer” that brought something from Red Hot Chili Peppers to my mind, with the backing vocals screaming “Van Halen”, and an unbelievable break on guitar. “Three And A Half Words” is dramatic, weird, but original. In general, the four superstars look like they are bonding, not only for having fun in the studio, which I bet they are having loads, but, also in writing music together.

Finaly, it’s worth noticing that after the “heat sensitive” packaging of the first album, this one is 3D, with special glasses accompanying the album in order to enjoy the photos, and the rest of the “goodies” in there!

Of course, as it happened on the first album, I am sure that these songs will “take off” performed live by Chickenfoot, which is something that will be enjoyed through a DVD, for all of us who won’t have the chance to be included in their live dates!