Chris Boltendahl’s Steelhammer Signs With Roar! Rock Of Angels Records


PRESS RELEASE: ROAR! is proud to announce the signing with legendary German Heavy Metal figurehead and unmistakable voice of Grave Digger, Chris Boltendahl, to release – after more than four decades in the Metal business – his first ever solo album under the CHRIS BOLTENDAHL’S STEELHAMMER flag in 2023. 

With Tobias Kersting (Guitars, ex-Orden Ogan), Lars Schneider (Bass, ex-Orden Ogan) and Patrick Klose (Drums, Iron Savior), Chris has brought an illustrious guild of outstanding musicians on board who will actively support him in his endeavor to act as a real band. What can be expected? A glowing Classic Heavy/Power Metal mixture, best described as “Grave Digger meets Metal Church” with banging steamers, speedy hymns, grooving monsters, filigree riffings and world-class solos … everything a real metalhead’s heart and ear desires!

Listen to a first inviting sound snippet from here: 

More details and unveilings soon, stay tuned!
Chris Boltendahl (Vocals)
Tobias Kersting (Guitars)
Lars Schneider (Bass)
Patrick Klose (Drums)
Online presence: