conducted an interview with former MEGADETHand current ACT OF DEFIANCE guitarist Chris Broderick on November 9 at Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Here’s an excerpt:
On whether he still has plans to release a solo album and what it will sound like:
“Oh, yeah. [I]will definitely will. Absolutely. I’ve got one song that’s like a total mixture of metal and flamenco. And then I’ve got another song that has classical guitar elements on it. And then another one that’s a little bit more experimental, a little but more maybe on the slightly jazz-fuzion side of things. So it’s pretty interesting stuff.”
On whether his solo album will be all instrumental or it will contains songs with vocals:
“I’ve considered both. And where I’m looking at right now is… what it’s looking like is about fifty percent of the songs that I do are gonna be instrumental, and the other fifty percent, it’s gonna be sung. So far, I’m demoing the vocals on it, so it may be me doing it. I don’t know. I still haven’t decided about that.”