Church Of Misery – Thy Kingdom Scum

This is the fifth full length album for the Tokyo based stoner/doom group. Church of Misery themselves hate to be labeled ‘stoner’ though, so let’s comply and just call them ‘doom’. Musically the band follows the path laid by the first Black Sabbath albums (nowadays ‘13’ falls into that category as well) and combines it with animalistic vocals that bring to mind Phil Anselmo, especially in the sort of feeble state that Phil’s throat has been lately. As far as lyrics go, every song revolves around a serial killer, a key element of the band’s identity. Even though their lineup has changed quite a lot, the Japanese’s sound remains similar, while the cover they chose to do this time is ‘One Blind Mice’ by Quatermass. ‘Thy Kingdom Scum’ may not contain any particularly fresh ideas, but it has a voluminous sound and is recommended to fans of that style.