Cirith Ungol – Forever Black


Heavy metal music is full of miracles, small or great. Events that make you shed tears, fill you with hope, bring you joy. Songs and bands that grow their roots in both your mind and heart, lyrics that flow through your lips and emotionally charged fists raised up in the air. Cirith Ungol represent all of the above for me. From the first time I made contact with their work I knew I was standing before a miracle. And more miracles followed. The band coming back together, the legendary show in my hometown and the news for an upcoming album after almost three decades of turmoil. I don’t want to expand to unnecessary biography details but jump right to what is yet another miracle, yet another emotional bond that this legend has forged. A legend that has been standing proud after 45 years of hardship. Just like the hero portrayed on the album covers. Elric, the prince that treads among life and death, paving his own lonely road.

What is Forever Black? A decent comeback? A great album? A sole event without continuance? A record that will write metal history? A recording that will gradually fade among the overwhelming metal production of our age? The answer is none of the above. It is and experience. It’s MY experience. The feelings that THIS voice generates, the notes that flow from THIS guitar, the poundings that echo from THIS drumkit. Please allow this one time where I won’t write as a “music critic”. This is not my main characteristic after all. I am just a metal music fan, a fan of this band, the same person I was 25 years ago, the time I listened to Cirith Ungol for the very first time. During Forever Black I am 16 again. And nothing can adequately portray this feeling. Who doesn’t believe in miracles after all?