Coheed And Cambria – The Color Before The Sun


As a matter of fact, I have never been a fan of the New Yorkers. I recognized, on one hand, the quality in their music and their playing techniques. However, they never managed to sweep me off my feet with their music arrangements. I have been ‘watching’ them for about ten years and that’s that. Through these years though I have discovered some beautiful elements in their music from time to time.

Coheed And Cambia have been filed under progressive rock, with every reason up to a point, (mainly from the press). What I can say with certainty, however, is that “The Color Behind The Sun” does not share any similarities with the specific kind of music. What we got here is pop music with rock/metal orchestration. On top of that, its production makes it sound more like electro pop. The truth is that one of the songs could feature on mainstream channels and radio stations. I choose the word ‘one’ and not ‘some’ as they are all written upon the same formula and they are structured in the same exact way.

I’d say that this release  has nothing new to give, not even to the fans of the band. The only remarkable feature of the album is a change of direction towards mainstream. That’s not necessarily a bad move, under the condition that the band seeks inspiration in different music ‘fields’. Personally speaking, “The Color Before The Sun” has been the band’s worst release so far and I consider it in appropriate for the progressive (for sure) and the alternative (a little less) music audience.