Consfearacy – Consfearacy

Vocalist Brian O’ Connor (ex-Vicious Rumors) and German guitarist Fabian Schwarz decided to create a band and play a non-specific  kind of heavy metal.  With them is the also well-known guitarist Ira Black (Lizzy Borden, Metal Church, Vicious Rumors), bassist Guenter Auschrat (The New Black) and drummer Timo Weis. The musicians put together all of their influences and created an album which is a mix of classic heavy metal, german thrash and power metal.
There are heavy yet melodic riffs with lots of tempo changes. The songs are composed like classic heavy metal songs. Nice riffs and rhythms mixed with solos. The vocal style reminded me a lot of the Vicious Rumors (obviously) and some of the later works of Warrel Dane in Nevermore. The production made by O’Connor and Schwarz is pretty clear and the ten tracks run just over forty minutes.
The album starts with the really good “Pain Infantry”. Excellent melodic lines and great vocals. Unfortunately though the rest of the album fails to live up to the great expectations the opener created.  The rest of the tracks are pretty solid but in some points it feels as ιφ the band is repeating itself and may tire in the end.
Nonetheless it is a pretty solid debut album with an excellent starter and some enjoyable songs. Fans of bands like Seven Witches, Metal Church and Armored Saint will surely enjoy this band and this album. The sure thing is that the knowledge and the talent in this band is high and so are the expectations for their next album.