Copenhagen Guitar Show 2019

The 15th Copenhagen Guitar Show was concluded successfully, at Østerbrohuset.Two full days for the lovers of guitars, and string instruments in general. Luthiers, vendors, distributers, collectors; the exhibitors had filled up the area with acoustic and electric guitars, basses, as well as violins, contrabasses, even (irrelevant) saxophones. Really warm and cozy atmosphere, with solos heard (at low volume) from every corner of the exhibition. Prices, from low for mass-produced guitars, up to a few hundred euros for handmade ones of a few thousands for vintage.
Visitors, who could also bring their own guitar to sell or trade, had the chance to watch the silent jamming shows of Yamaha, see some amateur musicians at the demo stage, or see and participate with questions at the various guitar clinics, scheduled throughout the two days. Most musicians there were Danes, while the special guests were Marco Mendoza on Saturday and Gus G. on Sunday.
DSC 0161
At his own guitar clinic, Gus G. played a few tracks, with the support of his band – his phone, after he introduced the equipment he uses and especially the amplifiers he is using, Blackstar, and who invited him to Denmark. During the breaks, he receive questions, such as how he holds the pick when he plays (not the regular way apparently), how he gets inspired when he writes new music, who are his influences (Gary Moore), or how it was when working with Ozzy. All this in a very casual and cozy atmosphere, in a pleasant discussion manner and a highly technical background.
DSC 0141
The last guitar clinic was actually a short concert by Marco Mendoza, Søren Andersen, and Morten Hellborn, with the former acting as singer and frontman. In a totally different style, at the indoor veranda, right outside the clinic room, a jazz band was closing unofficially the 15th Copenhagen Guitar Show.
George Anasontzis