Cornerstone – Somewhere In America

Cornerstone come from Austria… Now let’s say that we listen to this album, we don’t know where they come from and somebody who does, is asking us about it. Even if we had two hundred chances we wouldn’t answer right! This light all American Pop/Rock band style, pointing at bands/artists the likes of Robin Beck, Berlin, even The Police and “boy meets girl” soundtracks, combined with the American and mighty impressive voice of Miss Patricia Hillinger, will not give us any chance at all. I think that’s the main reason the Yanks love them so much, in order to sign them and support them all the way. The quartet has already won the “Next best thing contest”; the boys and the gal have shared the stage with Ted Poley (Danger Danger), John Waite and Dennis Stratton (!), plus they are aiming for new targets, armed with this fabulous album.

So, what is the magical attraction in this one? The melodies? The voice? The sum? Either way, either analysis or hypothesis, the fact is that Cornerstone compose beautiful Rock music with some Pop elements or/and vice versa. When listening to the album, some fantastic female singers came to mind… Sheryl Crow, Dolly Parton… You see, dear friends, Patricia’s voice is all over the vocal spectra, even country forms…
Those of you into AOR, good music for the car, optimistic songs and traveling mood, those of you looking straight at the Sun without any fears or second thoughts… You might wanna listen… Go ahead and do it! You’re in for lots of smiles