Corrosion of Conformity – No Cross No Crown


Corrosion of Conformity is well known in the heavy metal scene, not by chance. Starting out as a punk hardcore band, they evolved into southern metal heroes, reaching their peak with “Deliverance” in 1994, as the newly-recruited guitarist Peter Keenan took over the vocals. After a pause of years, they returned as a trio (without Keenan) in 2010 and since then they have released two albums. After his participation in Down, Keenan returns and the long-awaited new release of this reunion is called “No Cross No Crown”. Corrosion of Conformity still bites hard and their new blues doomy songs will absolutely satisfy their fans. Beginning with “The Luddite”, they make their mark that they remain southern metal’s Black Sabbath, and as it will be proved later on, they still write great songs like “Nothing Left to say” and “A quest to believe”. But the album is not getting better after each song, and maybe some might get tired of the 5 interludes (including the introduction of the album and the title track “No Cross No Crown”). Personally, I found them extremely atmospheric and nightmarish, that they could even be an impressive, long-lasting track … As a whole, however, the album shows that the band is still powerful and badass, which is keeping them underground and is actually an honor at the same time.